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Local Weston County Elected Officials


Don Taylor

Garrett Borton

Vera Huber

Nathan Todd
Ed Wagoner



Bryan E. Colvard

Scott E Beachler County Coroner

Susan Overman - County Treasurer

Becky Hadlock - County Clerk

Tina Cote - Clerk of the Court

State Elected Officials

WY Senate District 1
Ogden Driskill

WY Senate District 3
Cheri Steinmetz


WY Representative District 1
Chip Neiman

WY Representative District 2
Allen Earl Slagle

WY Secretary of State                  WY Auditor

Chuck Gray                                     Kristi Racines

WY Treasurer

Curt Meier

WY Superintendent of Public Instruction

Megan Degenfelder

Allen Slagle        WY House District 2

phone:  307-746-2804


My grandfather homesteaded in Niobrara County in 1920 and my family moved to
Weston County in 1973, where I ha
ve lived ever since. My whole life I have been a
rancher with strong ties to the land. My wife Ann and I have raised 9 children here
and know that we are blessed to live in Wyoming where freedom is still a way of life.
I decided to run for House District 2 because we need more Conservative voices in
Cheyenne to stand for liberty and maintain the Wyoming way of life. I want my
children and grandchildren to enjoy the same freedoms we have.

Platform Review - 100%
Endorsed by WY Right to Life
Scott Beachler        Weston County Coroner

phone:  307-746-5610


I am currently serving on the Weston County Sheriff's Search & Rescue
Team as Secretary/Treasurer, Chairman of Communications sub-committee,
Chairman of Finance committee, Member of Executive Board and Cadet Program Advisor.
I am the Church Safety Team Director at Gateway Fellowship Church near Newcastle, Assistant to the Weston County Emergency Management Coordinator and recently started working part-time at Meridian Mortuary in Newcastle.

Beachler pic.jpg
Bryan Colvard        Weston County Sheriff

phone:  307-746-8046


I believe that the Sheriff’s Badge is a symbol of public trust and to serve is an honor and a privilege. Serving as Sheriff over the past 12 years there have been many challenges. However, as your Sheriff I will continue to serve and protect citizens, our community and ultimately the Constitution of the United States.

  • I have proven that I will stand up for your individual rights. I am not afraid or intimidated to stand between you and our government.

  • I have worked closely with individual citizens, county and state officials concerning Forest Service Prairie Dog Management Program (lack thereof) and the Travel Management Program.

  • I stood for your individual rights on the Governor’s Mandates during Covid.

Vera Huber        Weston County Commissioner

phone:  N/A


Now more than ever, the people of Weston County have concerns about their representation. Serious issues have arisen regarding our commissioners’ ability to communicate with the citizens and the decisions made while representing the county. Ultimately, we must find the root cause of this discord so that we can work together toward a proper solution. Ralph Nader once said, “Secrecy destroys accountability.” Leaders must be accountable for decisions and in turn, take responsibility for their actions. Along with that, the validity of some procedures has been questioned and serious legal actions are ongoing or have taken place. We must find a way to come together with reason and respect so we can continue a positive path going forward.

Vera 2022.jpg
Cheri Steinmetz        WY Senate District 3

phone:  307-534-5342


I represent Wyoming State Senate District 3, which includes Goshen, Niobrara, and Weston Counties. 

Clearly, challenges lie ahead and we are equal to them. As a free people we have the responsibility to decide what kind of country we will live in, what society we will tolerate, and what legacy we will leave our children, grandchildren and all yet to come. As Americans we also have the ability to act upon those decisions. Has there ever been a better time to return to the roots of our Republic, defend our freedom, or unify as One Nation Under God?  Now is the time and we are the people.

Like you, I want to make sure Wyoming remains a State where we defend the foundations on which our faith, freedom, and prosperity rest. Our children, our families, our way of life, and our State are worth fighting for.

Cheri Banner_edited.jpg
Ogden Driskill        Senate District #1

phone:  N/A


I am dedicated to protecting Senate District #1 and Wyoming as a whole from the Biden
Administrations policies, mandates and economy - including the President's war on oil, gas, coal and the Second Amendment. I will fight to preserve the Wyoming way of life.
I am highly motivated to run for re-election because things have never been more insane.
However, there is also more opportunity right now to repair the damage caused by progressives.
That will take leadership, not talk. Some legislators do a fair amount of talking but I take pride in
getting things done for Senate District 1. Going forward, I will build on what we have steadfastly
accomplished to date.

Og Business.jpg
Og Merritt.jpg
Chuck Gray        WY Secretary of State

phone:  307-251-1372


He began his professional career as a radio executive and hosted a conservative radio show between 2013 and 2019.
Chuck served in the Wyoming House of Representatives from 2017-2022 and has been a strong supporter of conservative policies at the state level.
Chuck has been leading the State House to make Wyoming a model state for voter integrity.  He was the lead sponsor of the voter ID bill in the 2021 session (HB75, 2021).
He is also a pro-life champion. He sponsored Wyoming’s first ultrasound bill in 30 years (HB182, 2017) and stopped the University of Wyoming from covering abortion in their student healthcare plans with a budget amendment. He has been awarded the Platinum Award for protecting life, Wyoming Right to Life’s highest award given.
He led the legal fight against the state of Washington when they blocked coal exports, saving Wyoming energy sector jobs (HB251, 2019).
He is a five-time CPAC award winner, winning the award for his conservative voting record each year in the legislature. He has won the Club for Growth’s Award for Economic Freedom. And Chuck has also won the Principles of Liberty legislative award for his voting record.
Chuck has dedicated his life to standing up for our Christian and conservative values and will make election integrity one of his primary issues as Secretary of State.

Platform Review - 100%
Endorsed by WY Right to Life
CPAC award winner

Chuck Gray.jpg
Chuck picture.png
Chip Neiman        WY House District #1

phone:  307-290-0366


Chip Neiman is a life-long resident of Crook County, Wyoming. He and his wife Joni make their home near the base of Devils Tower in heart of District 1. Working in agriculture his entire life, Neiman has a deep understanding of doing all that you can with resources you’ve been given.

“My parents went through the Great Depression and raised me with this ideal, ‘Don’t spend what you don’t have and always improve without compromising your future.'”

Neiman has watched as politicians, at every level, continue to waste the taxpayer’s money and understands that a government who does the things it shouldn’t do is incapable of doing those things that it should. With this in mind he’s stepping into the political arena in order to represent District 1 with Conservative values.

Platform Review - 100%
Neiman pic.jpg
Chip kids.jpg
Garrett Borton        Weston County Commissioner


Garrett’s decision to run for a seat as a Weston County Commissioner is driven by concerns arising from the current political environment from Federal to County issues. Garrett is choosing to be a part of the solution. Garrett’s areas of concern include:

  • Government Over Reach

  • Unconstitutional Government Activity

  • Budget Concerns and Sustainability

  • Public School Mandates

Garrett will fight for what is right and just, as he did when he filed for a Declaratory Judgement against a sitting Weston County Commissioner that chose to move out of our county while refusing to resign his position. He firmly believes in communicating and working towards resolutions.

Garrett Borton’s heart, family, and livelihood are solidly planted in Weston County.  The future of all these things are tied together and equally dependent on God and the betterment of Weston County, two things Garrett will serve Faithfully.

Garrett and holly.jpg
Garrett Family.jpg
Susie Overman        Weston County Treasurer


I believe my experience in the office prepares me for the Treasurer's position.  I have the ability and energy to lead the Treasurer's office forward to meet the challenges that are ahead, along with the knowledge and experience to work with continually changing laws and regulations.  I enjoy working with the public and find the work exciting and challenging.

Friendly service with a smile is my goal.

Susie pic_edited.jpg
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