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Mountain Ridge


The WCRP brought forward several GREAT Resolutions of support for the following elected officials in our March 13, 2023 meeting.  Click on the link to view each Resolution.


Bill Hayman brought forward a Resolution of thanks and support for Secretary of State Chuck Gray

Tom Farnsworth brought forward a Resolution of thanks and support for Representative Harriet Hageman

Jamie Farnsworth brought forward a Resolution of thanks and support for Representative Chip Neiman

Brian Birkley brought forward a Resolution of thanks and support for Representative Allen Slagle

Teresa Gross brought forward a Resolution of thanks and support for Senator Cheri Steinmetz

I brought forward a Resolution of thanks and support for Weston County Commissioner Don Taylor

THANK YOU to these special Legislators!

Event Summaries

The theme of this year's Freedom Festival is "Hope" and the Event Program looks fantastic!



In addition to the Freedom Festival's GREAT list of guests including David Iverson, Chip Neiman, John Bear and the Women of MAGA, the Weston County Republican Party will have a booth where we hope to have a few Special Guest appearances of our own - Chuck Gray incoming Secretary of State, Chairman Frank Eathorne, and incoming Representative Allen Slagle!


Please see the attached flyer for details.  


Freedom Festival

Weston County Fair Grounds

Sept. 11,2022   

Noon to 3 pm


Come early, bring your chairs and flags and join fellow Patriots for music, food and fellowship.

Hope to see you all there!!

Friday, July 29, 2022, the Weston County Clerk held a public meeting to test and secure our voting machines.  This was a very informative meeting that helped to show the public that Weston County's voting machines are secure.  A link to the video of this meeting is above.

Election Integrity in Weston County


You are all registered Republicans and are running and/or have run as Republicans, so you should all be aware that the Wyoming Republican Party has chosen Election Integrity as one of its primary legislative priorities.  Additionally, WY Republican Party Platform Plank #23 states “the Integrity of our elections must be upheld.

Therefore, the party has put lots of time, energy, and resources into making sure our elections in WY are free and fair, and that the people feel confident in our election results.  And, as you can see from state and national events, movies, articles, etc, that the people have made this issue a priority as well.  Personally, I want people to feel confident in election results, and most importantly in our Weston County election results. 

I asked for time today, which you denied, because this meeting is the only meeting in Weston County where citizens can ask elected County officials questions “on the record”.  And the Weston County Republican Party would like this question asked “on the record” so the citizens can feel confident that election integrity is alive and well in Weston County.

This question is for Clerk Hadlock:

  1. What steps have you taken to ensure the results you release on election day are accurate?  Ie what double checks have you put into place to ensure a mistake like the one that occurred in the last election where the wrong candidate was declared the winner does not happen again?

Secondly, I would like to thank Clerk Hadlock for a very informative public meeting to test our Weston County voting machines.  I learned a lot and the meeting was very well attended.  Clearly, this shows that the people of Weston County are concerned and engaged and I thank Clerk Hadlock and her staff for taking the time to show the public what procedures are in place in Weston County.  The Weston County Republican Party has posted the video of the public testing on our website.  CLICK LINK FOR VIDEO

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