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Feel the spark to get involved?

Become a Republican Precinct Committee Man or Woman.

Precinct Committee Men and Women include precinct committeemen and committeewomen from all Weston County precincts. Under Wyoming law, Republican voters from each precinct may elect at least one man and one woman to serve as their precinct representatives. Essentially, Precinct Committee Men and Women are the closest elected officials to the voters.

If you’re interested, we welcome you to step forward and serve your local Party and your community.

What do Precinct Committee Men and Women do?

Attend Central Committee Meetings and County Conventions

Generally, there are multiple Central Committee meetings and one County Conventions during the 2-year term commitment that Precinct Committee Men and Women are expected to attend and participate in. As representatives, Precinct Committee Men and Women make up the voting body at these meetings & conventions.

Elect Local Republican Party Leadership

As a voting body in the Weston County Republican Party Central Committee, Precinct Committee Men and Women elect the Weston County Republican Party Executive Board (Officers) who serve on the Wyoming State Republican Party Central Committee, develop the Party Platform, and elect Wyoming State Republican Party Officers.

Elect Republican Delegates to State Convention

Every four years, the Precinct Committee Men and Women vote at a County Convention for delegates to the State Convention. These delegates can be from any precinct, but must be registered Republican voters. During the State Convention, these county delegates will elect state delegates who will attend the RNC Convention.



So what’s the big picture?

Let’s review - precincts are the districts that make up the county, counties are the districts that make up the state, and the states make up the country. Therefore, Precinct Committee Men and Women represent their perspective precincts at County Conventions and elect the county officers (Weston County Republican Party Executive Board), the county officers represent their county at State Conventions and elect state officers, and the state officers represent our state at National Republican Conventions where they elect national officers.

It’s a beautiful American system - a true Representative Republic - and it all starts with YOU.

Get to know the Weston County Republican Party:

Kari Drost  Committee Chair

phone:  307-312-0768


Kari Drost is a small business owner and Consultant in revenue cycle management in the healthcare industry.  She holds a BS from the University of CT and an MS in Health Administration from Quinnipiac University.  She is a strong conservative who, along with her husband, John, and her two boys, Joshua and Dylan, chose to escape Connecticut in favor of the freedoms and values Wyoming holds so dear.

A fairly decent picture of Kari.jpg
Allen Slagle  Vice Chair

phone:  307-746-2804


Allen Slagle is a rancher in Weston County.  His granddad homesteaded in Niobrara County in 1920 and moved with his family to Weston County in 1973.  Allen is a graduate of the University of Wyoming with a BS in Ranch Management.  He is married to his wife, Ann, and they have 9 children.  Allen is very involved in his community, his family, and his church.

Allen Slagle Pic.jpg
Ann Slagle  State Committewoman

phone:  307-746-2804


Ann Slagle is a rancher in Weston County.  She grew up in Thermopolis and graduated from the University of Wyoming, where she met her husband Allen.  Ann and Allen have 9 children that they homeschool.  Ann currently serves on the Weston County Hospital Board and is very active in her church, local community, and Weston County Right to Life.

Allen and Ann Slagle Pic.jpg
Jamie Farnsworth  Treasurer

phone:  307-746-8111


Jamie Farnsworth is a lifelong resident of Newcastle.  Jamie holds a BSN from the University of Wyoming and is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience serving Weston County in our Hospital, public health, and in the Weston County School District. Jamie also worked in nursing and public health in Denver and Casper.  Jamie is an elected Trustee for the Weston County Hospital District and Chair of the Weston County Right to Life.  She and her husband, Tom, have 4 children.

Jamie an Tom picture.jpg
Stanley Jasinski  Secretary

phone:  307-746-9199


Stanley Jasinski is a Veteran of the U.S.A.F., Security Police Specialist, a retired Massachusetts firefighter and past President for Northampton Firefighter’s Union Local 108. Stanley moved out West in 2016 and landed here in Newcastle and has been active in the community ever since.  Stanley is the founder and current Chairman of the W.C. Freedom Festival Committee, active member of the W.C. Sportsman’s  Club/Upton Gun club, past Chair for the W.C. Friends of the NRA, and now the Secretary for the W.C. Republican Party Central Committee.   

Precinct 1-1

Committeeman – Allen Slagle

Committeeman – Mick Bohn

Committeewoman – Ann Slagle

Committeewoman – Marty Ertman

Precinct 1-2

Committeeman – Tom Wing

Committeeman – Tom Farnsworth

Committeewoman – Jamie Farnsworth

Committeewoman – Susan Love

Precinct 2-1

Committeeman – Dan Fouch

Committeewoman – Irma Fouch

Precinct 3-1

Committeeman – Brian Birkley

Committeewoman -  Loretta Moyers

Precinct 4-1

Committeeman – Nathan Todd

Committeeman – Vacant

Committeewoman -   Chelsie Todd

Committeewoman – Vacant

Precinct 5-1

Committeeman - Bill Hayman

Committeewoman -  Teresa Gross

Precinct 5-2

Committeeman – John Butts

Committeewoman – Sue Mireles

Precinct 5-3

Committeeman – James Burrough

Committeewoman – Suzanne Burrough

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